Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Bowl Picks

This article ought to be about Super Tuesday and why you need to go out and vote, but hey.
And yes, I realize the game is over and it’s too late to place a bet. Apparently it was a good game. I flipped past it a couple of times and noticed the score, and actually watched the last 5-10 minutes. That was enough for me.
I grew up in a house with three older brothers and a dad who coached just about every sport you can think of. He was even a ref for semi-pro football games.

© Photographer: Miflippo Agency: Dreamstime.com
All this means in that when I was a kid, the TV was consumed with sports all day Sunday. Why only Sunday? I was a kid before my small hometown discovered cable.
On those days, my Mom and I would always look for something else to do. For a long time shopping wasn’t an option. That same hometown had a law against stores being open on Sunday. When I was about twelve, that law changed which improved our situation somewhat. Mom and I would head to the fabric store, the department store, or a dress shop and amuse ourselves.
Eventually we had a 2nd TV and sometimes we could find an old movie to watch. Seriously though, it was pretty grim, all those cold winter Sundays.
Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t hate sports. In fact, I was a cheerleader and froze various parts of my anatomy screaming on the sidelines on Saturday afternoons. But that wasn’t really about football. That was marketing.
Over the years, my interest in marketing grew. And, over those same years, I paid some attention to sporting events. But, like many who sit in front of the TV but don’t watch the game, I was really most interested in the commercials. With the advent of VCRs (and a boyfriend who wasn’t all that interested in football), I started taping the Super Bowl then burning up the fast forward button to watch the ads later.
Tivo was an improvement on the VCR, but the latest and truly greatest thing that has happened to the Super Bowl for me is this USA Today's Super Bowl Ad Meter. Now sports fans that watched the game but take bathroom breaks during the commercials, and non-fans like me can watch the commercials, pick our favorites, and join in the conversation.
So having done just that, here are my top picks. These are the commercials that I really enjoyed watching and for which (with the exception of the SoBe ad) I remember what product was being sold:
  1. Budweiser – dog trains a Clydesdale
  2. Coca-cola – dueling parade balloons
  3. E-Trade – baby hires a clown
  4. Disney – trailer for wall-e
  5. Gatorade – dog drinks Gatorade from his bowl
  6. Audi – “Godfather” spoof
  7. Career Builder – wishing on a star
  8. SoBe – Lizards dancing with what’s her name

© Photographer: Kathy Wynn Agency: Dreamstime.com
Oh and by the way, it’s a good thing that the MLB World Series isn’t a single evening shot at the consuming public. This whole watch it online the next day really wouldn’t work. After all, I’m talking baseball, and baseball, we watch!

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