Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still Cranky After All This Time

I haven't been posting to my blogs much, and I blame that on Twitter. It's so easy to speak your mind in short little 140 character bursts. But, like most things, Twitter is an imperfect world.[editor: World? Really? Ok, maybe in the sense that SciFi writers create worlds and universes] 

Lately I've been bugged by a couple of things - All this #FollowFriday stuff, which has morphed among the  pet community into #WoofWednesday, and #MeowMonday, and.. well you get the idea. Something that started as a way to help newbies add followers is now just an irritating mess of of posts one has to wade through to find the interesting bits. Of course I could unfollow those people (dogs, cats, etc.) but some of them really do say amusing things on occassion. What to do?

Another peeve are the folks that are trying to turn a social communication tool into a commercial ad space. Why would I volunteer to have someone harrange me multiple times a day about their products and services? Short answer is, I don't. My tolerance for that type of behavior is pretty low. If you spam me on Twitter more than a couple of times, you are toast. That led me to wonder about other people's tolerance. Is it just me? Vote on the poll to your left and let me know what you think about this use of Twitter. Too much? Just fine? I'm currious. 

Anything else you would like to change about Twitter? The comment box is there for a reason. And no, I don't work for Twitter. Like I said, I'm just curious.

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